Video Update : 18 July 2012 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Video

episode start with bma and mohini came to M's house. rj welcome them and then they told them that there rooms is rady. bma and dadi are talking and seeing mahendi and bma told that her mom said that if mil love her then mahendi will be dark and dadi said that her mom said if the hubby love her then the mehendi will be dark and bma said that how she is lucky that dj is so nice. and she cant live without him. dadi remember her time and crying and bma said she know how she feel. and dadi said she is happy for her. rj and ladies bring tea for everyone and the talk about randum thing. and mohit come and said that he can call kamala bahen if she want to talk and bma smile.
here in S's chiki is alone. and looking for everyone and wanted to show the mahendi and she see that man which she is scare of and that man said something and she run. and screming that she dont want to go with him and calling akshi and then she is up and realise that is the dream. and then pray to god that she dont want to go . and then in the morning g3 akshi and rahsmi and chiki comeing with haldi and g3 tell baisa how she can call dj for haldi bisa said she will call him but see dj is rady for haldi and ask how he came and dj said that he want to look fair while dulhen is goriLOL. and then they are thinking how will put haldi first and chiki said she will and did the haldi. and then g3 and akshi and st and everyone did the haldi to dj and then they said they will take the haldi to ladiki vale. and get ready. and chiki said she is coming and g3 didnt like and she put her hand on wall by mistake and g3 said she messed the wall and st and bisa said that is good shagun. an d then they said they will go.
here in M's everyone is saying that bma look good. and varsha and shurya and vish are doing all the decoration and varsha said that akshi and everyone is coming with haldi. and bma said her knee is painging and dadi gave her haldi wala milk. and here natik and dj are making things rady for the samuh vivha (big marriege for the needy people). and dj said st that even if some one come last min. they dont want to say no. and chiki said that she want to see the photo of the bride and groom. and looking and akshi call her and she left.
here at M's akshi and g3 and griiga andchiki and duggu came and they bring haldi. bma ask about dj and his madication and eveyone smile. and then g3 told that they should do the haldi rasam and rj and varsha and nandu and kakai did the haldi to bma . all the man are talking something and akshi said she know and cant let them do chappal churai of dj and they said they are ladik wale and will do that. and aksi and family left.
here in S' eveyone is rady in wedding dress. natik and akshi and duggu look so niceBig smile chicki is pylaing with duggu and everyone said he look cute. g3 come and did kajal ka tika to him and took him and naitk look at akshi and said she is looking very preetyEmbarrassedBig smile. and akshi smile.

Precape---everyone is dancing in barat. and here bma notic that her wedding lahenga has hole in it and said this her wedding lahenga from her wedding and dj want her to wear the same and now what will she do?