Video Update : 17 July 2012 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Video

SS courtyard
dadi tells we should start mehendi rasam now,bhabhmaa comes down, buaji recalls old memories when she met bhabhma. everyone praises bhabhmaa.Rukmini taunts bhabhimaa for this re-marriage. buaji cuts in between & praises dj & bhabhimaa re-marriage. chikki asks wil there will be any dance? shanakari tells all will be happen shakari tai tells first first rajastani dance. gy3 is wondering about duggu, she asks akshara where is duggu & chikki? akshara says they are here only. gayatri tells she fears chikki may kidnap duggu. anshu tells akshara & gayatri he saw chikki going out with duggu.
gayatri asks chikki where are you taking duggu? chikki says duggu was crying so I brought him here & I was going to buy balloon for him. gayatri asks from did you get money? chikki says dj gave me when I parted bhajan. gayatrisays from now you will take him anywhere without asking us.gayatri takes duggu &leave. akshara & chikki hug.chikki asks how did you thought akshara that I may kidnap duggu akshara apologizes.
SS courtyard
shava, naksh , mohini & rashmi dance on dil Se bhande ek dor.gy3 & rajshri & rama also joins . dj is watching all these from upstairs. buaji sees dj she asks what are you doing here? dj says he is thirsty. buaji says go to his room. all request to let come down buaji agrees
dj is starring at bhabhmaa. everyone dances around daijama.
SS hall
rashmi tells this function was better than our trio marriage. mohit tells lets leave now. mohit asks about bhabhima's luggage akshara says take care of our bride rj replies we will take care of bride. bhabhmaa starts to leave yrkkh sad instumental tune is playing on BG. bhabhmaa cries chikki why are you crying now wedding is tomorrow. bhabhmaa says today I'm remembering about my maayka when I leaved it 25 years ago. now SS is my own house. rajshri says if you not willing to go you can stay, vishambhar.gayatri & naitik you can stay here we will do all rasams here. bhabhimaa tells I will surely go, rajshri asks you coming with your wish? bhabhmaa if now anyone question I ll not go to maayeka & sasural.bhabhimaa leaves gy3 is crying.
naksh room
akshara is remebering about preparations. naitik searches his name but could find it, akshara what still now you didn't got. naitik askahara where is name you didn't write my name, only naksh is written. akshara says this time I wrote trio name naksh. na for naitik ksh for akshara it becomes naksh. episode ends.

precap: akshara & rashmi challenges shaurya,mohit & anshi that you all can't steal dj shoes