Video Update : 12 July 2012 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Video

naitiks asks all to decide menu. RB tells let ladies decide this.naitik asks first decide cards. dj asks bm to select card bm denies. naksh are deciding cards dj & bm talks about who choice is better. chikki tells both bride & bridegroom are arguing . naitik says what will happen after marriage m's are talking about gifts. anshu tells when I will complete 25th anniversary I will also marry again. akshara is feeling not well. naitik gives her medicine. naitik tells he will do everything, akshara says I love you ananya dress is delieverd.
ak is trying to sing bhanjan but she can't due to cold. chikki starts singing bhanjan. chikki does aarti & tels may be ak was also like this.chikki gives aarti to everyone. chikki tells when I used do aarti in mandir priest used to give us things. gy3 & nk asks which goddeses temple? chikki I don't remember anything she makes excuse and leaves. gy3 tells bm to make kadha for akshara.shanakar tai greets all. she praises daijjama . ST does ghoomer chikki comes there, chikki pulls naksh for ghoomar, mohini & rashmi arrives. everyone dance, mohit announces that mohini & rashmi will stay here till daijama marriage.shankari tai tells everyone before marriage bride & groom should each other faces before wedding.
dj tells shankari you also have become kid. ST tells akshara don't worry.weddings cards are delivered. naitik tells rashmi to write names & address naitik & mohit will distrubute. chikki askhi do god also comes in wedding. akshi tells tells yes & tells her to pray. SS ladies & ST are talking about jewellary.gy3 asks what happened bm? bm tells I'm worried about dj.
bm tells he will not able to find things. gy3 says I will keep eye on them. dj calls bm says radhe krishna, bm pretends as if she is talking to lady. dj get his things. bm cuts call.mohit shows dj his wedding denies, mohit dj you will look handsome. mohit leaves while saying kamla behenLOL epi ends.

precap: akshara is about to fall naitik holds her