Video Update : 10 July 2012 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Video


the epi starts with chikki sings lori for duggu.. Naksh see this.. g3 is also there.. finally g3 smiles.. duggu sleeps.. she seems to be changing her attitude towards chikki.. Naksh are happy.. G3 puts the chaddar over chikki and duggu. She gets up to see naksh there.. the Light comes.. g3 tells akshi to take duggu to her room after some time.. she adds that she will wake chikki up and send her to her room! Naitik says no need.. he will carry her to her room.. let her sleep

Rj asks vish to make Akshi understand to leave her humanity aside.. she shudn’t sacrifice her family’s happiness to help some stranger.. The others do not support g3 and tells rj herself.. They change the topic and start talking about dj-bm’s marriage.

SS dining table..
Akshi tells bm about her plan regarding bm-dj’s 35th marriage anniversary. Bm likes the plan.. but doesnt agree to it, as dj will never agree! Akshi tells bm that she has to make dj understand! Bm clearly denies this.. Akshi says that everyone knows! This plan cannot be cancelled now! Bm says who all Akshi says nishmi, mohinni, and even the maheshwaris! Bm says what? you told everyone? Since all this was done without even asking her, she holds no responsibility to persuade dj She walks away..
Akshi says we wont cancel the plan, before even trying to persuade dj

All the kids.. aka mohini and rashmi come over.. they are all happy.. chikki appreciates the food.. she mixes with mohit! G3 tells rb by ishaare to start the topic! Everyone in the room starts looking at each other Chikki asks that why is everyone talking in “ishaare”.. Dj asks what happened Dj gets up to leave..
Akshi interrupts dj.. she says they all want to celebrate his 35th anniversary.. dj asks why? what’s the need! He adds that since its his anniversary.. he wants to celebrate it according to his wish! He wants to do Samoohik Vivah, for poor girls! Akshi says that they want to re-marry him and bm! Dj says what are u gone mad? Everyone persuade him.. finally dj says that though he doesn’t like all this, his family’s happiness matters the most to him!

Dj-Bm room
Bm asks dj if he is bored of her? Thats why he didnt want to marry her na? Dj is scared She says that go.. if u dont wanna marry me, marry someone else! He says that in this birth.. i haven’t looked at anyone.. forget marrying someone else! He says bm has captured him so much.. that its impossible to leave her pallu


theres a chaos in the hall.. everyone is planning for the big day! Rb says that in this marriage.. he wont do any work! That is because, in his first marriage, he was doing only work.. this time he would only see the wedding! Chikki says she too!
Akshi says she will call maheshwaris too! G3 says rj had called.. akshi says ok.. she will talk to her! Akshi calls hjer.. vish guesses why she called! Akshi’s happiness reflects her in her voice! Rb invites them all1 Everyone gets going in the preparations again!

G3 gives girija some work.. girija thinks that now she will have double work to do! Girija then sees chikki.. and gets some idea

Some Room..
Chikki is talking to akshi..! Nandini and rashmi observe how chikki talks to them as if she has lived with them forever


Rashmi says it is so strange na? Sometimes, w/o any relationship, relations are made! She says that even after chikki goes.. she will be remembered..
G3 bm come.. bm says she will wear her old lehenga, as dj wants her to wear the same joda!
They start talking about the jewellary and stuf.. Some memories are recalled during the interactions!

Chikki takes some box.. she is removing something.. g3 stops her.. chikki says one minute. akshi tells chikki that she shud listen to elders na? Chikki says akshara only one minute! She takes out the chain from the box and shows to them! G3 says oh! she is so happy to get it! It was g3′s old jewellary.. g3 is happy.. she tells akshi to buy chikki something when she goes to the market..!

Chikki asks akshi if she can come with her to the market.. Akshi says no.. she can’t.. they have to loads of shopping! she will get tired! Chikki says she wants to come.. please take her! G3 tells akshi to take chikki

PRECAP: Chikki sees some person near the market.. and gets scared. She hides behind the car, hiding from that man