With national crime graph soaring by the day and hour, it's time for the India to sit up, take notice and take charge of their safety. To aid the police and make viewers more alert of the absconding suspects, COLORS is bringing a special weekly programme in the Crime Reality genre called 'Wanted-High Alert' in the 10 PM slot every Saturday from 26 February 2011. Produced by BAG Films, the show will be hosted by the intense and seasoned actor Sushant Singh who will be seen narrating real life cases of suspects and convicts on the run and thereby urging the common man to bring them to book and take charge of their safety. Crime is closer than ever, as you ,your family and loved ones are at the risk whenever you step out of the house or if there is a sudden knock at your door. 'Wanted - High Alert'is an attempt to nab these convicts and suspects who are colorsmoving scot-free in the society despite strong attempts from the police to get them behind bars. Seasoned actor Sushant Singh, who is known for his socially relevant work in Indian cinema, will be seen making a television debut as an Anchor. With 'Wanted - High Alert',Sushant will be taking on an informative and advisory role by alerting the citizens of the case history, whereabouts and pictograms of the fugitives that will help viewers identify them better.