[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJplmyk9KF4&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube- Iccha to get paired with Veer's brother in Uttaran[/ame]

Now since Tapasya has left Veer's house, Naani will be insecure of Iccha being back in Veer's life... She will get Iccha married to Vansh by blackmail obviously telling her that Veer wont accept Tapasya till Iccha's out of his life and also ignorant of the fact that Vansh is Veer's brother and Iccha will end up in the same haveli as Tapasya! Also Jogi, Divya and Damini are out of the scene....Now Tapasya will get Iccha's uttaran....Veer's parents may not have a problem as Iccha will be part time maid to their son and anyways no thakur's daughter with a proper mind will marry Vansh... So i dont think Veer and Iccha will be together.... In all of this I feel Iccha is the one who should show more guts...she's too spineless as the main lead character! Very bad example...usually women from not so rich families are known to be street smart to combat the tough world...how opposite they show!