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Thread: Thank You Jijaji Concept & Story

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    Default Thank You Jijaji Concept & Story

    Thank You Jijaji
    Starts 3rd Aug, Every Mon, 10 PM

    1st Episode coming soon on FilmiCity!!

    Concept & Story

    Jijaji is a sacred, funny, and loving member of an Indian family. Jaspal Bhatti Indiaís ace funny man plays Jijaji in Thank You Jijaji. His brother-in-law is a senior IAS officer and Bhatti is quick to always draw back to that connection. He even carries a card on which he has got printed ĎJijaji, brother-in-law of a Senior IAS Officer.í Mr Sandhu, the IAS officer, is totally frustrated at the hands of his jija, as he is always interfering in his official matters.

    Mr. Sandhu is dead honest, strict and a no-nonsense Government officer dreaded by his entire department. Sandhu always feels embarrassed by his brother-in law Jaspal Bhatti as he comes across as a self-styled social worker. Jaspal Bhatti keeps recommending to Mr. Sandhu some undeserving persons for a favour. Savita Bhatti, Jaspalís wife is also fed up with her husbandís false ego but canít do much about it.

    And thus unfolds this family comedy. A hilarious series on family relationships and government working and at the same time taking digs at contemporary happenings.

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    Bowdown to Jaspal Bhatti Ji.. JIJA JI

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