Giaa Manek, who plays the title role in Jeannie Aur Juju, has quit the show. She will be replaced by Shivshakti Sachdeva, who was also seen in Afsar Bitiya.

In fact, Giaa had quit the show after she realised that the makers were auditioning new actresses to play her part without even informing her. This, when the show is apparently set to wrap up in two months.

A source from the set reveals, "Giaa believed the channel and the production house, who assured her that the show has got an extension, and almost renewed her contract, which was to expire in the first week of November. She even declined a daily soap offer because of it. However, she soon realised that the makers were auditioning other actresses for Jeannie's role. The idea is to get an actress on a lesser price for the remaining months. Naturally, she felt cheated. She shot her death sequence a couple of days ago. It will air after a few weeks, giving an impression that she is still a part of the show. Ali Asgar, who plays Juju, has also put in his papers, but he is still shooting as he owes his first break as a male lead to the producer. He also knows that the show is ending in the next two months."