Another replacement has taken place in an upcoming telly show, produced by Ekta Kapoor, even before it has hit the tube.

After Cezanne Khan — the original male lead — was replaced by Karan Patel, actor Vineet Raina has been replaced in the show. Raj Singh Arora, last seen in Ek Thhi Naayka and The Serial, has stepped into his shoes to play the parallel lead.

Informs the source, "Vineet was looking older than Karan and hence, it was decided to replace him. He suited the role of the male lead's brother-in-law till the time Cezanne was in the show."

Vineet feigned ignorance. He said, "I haven't been informed about it. I have shot a few days but with Cezanne. It's disappointing if they have roped in another actor to play the part without even informing me."