Diya Aur Baati Hum is one popular show in which every actor wants to work. Recently an actress Harshali Zine whom we have seen in shows like Do Hanso Ka Joda and Hitler Didi in the past is seen in a cameo role of Tanvi, who is a con girl and will also try to rob Bhabo and her family.

A source from the set reveals that Harshali was giving a look test and Anas happened to pass by and out of curiosity asked about the new character being cast. Harshali on spotting him introduced herself and told him that she has a crush on him and he blushed.

We called up Harshali to ask her about Anas and she was initially reluctant to speak but then she said, "I have a huge crush on Anas Rashid and am eagerly waiting for the day when I will share screen with him. I am not sure whether I will have a scene with him or not." She further adds, "I don't know Anas personally but he was very down to earth when I met him. I totally adore his character Suraj who is the best son and an adorable husband. I feel that all the unmarried girls will die to get married with a guy like Sooraj. Anas' eyes and smile make him look charming and a typical Mills and Boon hero. I like Anas and it's my dream to be paired opposite him. It may not be possible for my character as of now so I would be happy even just by having scenes with him."