Mahadev aka Mohit Raina tells us why people think success has gone to his head.

Even before you start to chat with him, there is a 'no personal questions' clause that Mohit Raina, aka Mahadev from Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev starts with. Mohit shies away from answering any questions on his personal life, his early years in TV, his friendship with his co-actors and feels that those are "questions" that people can easily ask people around him. He says, "If you want to ask me about my life before coming to Mumbai, my family and all...then I have a lot of people around me who will tell you that. You can ask them." It seems quite bizarre that people would have want to ask other people around him to know about him but the Devon Ke Dev Mahadev actor wants that.

That remark leads us to ask him why do people think he is "arrogant" or "someone for whom success went to head" and also someone who does not really talk to people. Ask him about it and he says, "I don't know how that impression has been formed in people's minds because I am regularly available to everyone during my lunch break. Besides, for the last two years I have not had a social life at all. I shoot in Naigaon which is 45 kms away and it takes me a couple of hours to get in and out of this costume. Earlier, the show was not conceptualized to have the main focus on Mahadev but later the tracks changed and I have been working for 14-17 hours everyday. I am not complaining, I love the job but people need to understand that I am so focused in my work right now that I don't have time for casual conversations or partying right now." Point taken.