A new entry will take place in Zee TV's Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. Actress Divya Jagdale will enter the show as MLA Shalini Pandey, who is a kind, soft spoken woman.

Married to a supportive man, Shalini has two children. She used to be a sportswoman and entered politics rather late. She will praise Gunjan ( Roopal Tyagi) for taking a stand against eve-teasing and teaching the goons a lesson. But what is not apparent is that she is ambitious and uses her 'goodness' to manipulate people and get her work done.

Shalini can go to any lengths to get what she wants and is a classic case of 'haathi ke danth, khaane ke alag, aur dikhaane ke alag!' She will eventually be negative and will harbour sinister ambitions. Says Divya, "I don't know if the character will turn negative. All I can say is that the character sketch prompted me to take up the offer. We always blame politicians for everything wrong and do nothing to change the scenario. It's a nice role."