Anil Kapoor's maiden TV show '24' has not even gone on-air and talks about a feature film being made on the TV serial are doing the rounds.

Sources inform that the promo's of '24', which is originally based on an American TV series, has got impressive reviews from the industry people. It's been shot on a large scale and the TV series comes across as a hit Bollywood flick. And this has boosted Anil's desire to convert the TV show into a feature film. However, the original producers of 24 are hesitant to give a go ahead to the Indian actor.

Rumour has it that the American producers of the original series are planning to come up with their own feature film.

A source close to Anil says, "The producers of the original series '24' want to produce the feature film first and they will also be making season 9 of '24' in 2014 all over the world."