Sunil Grover, who is often seen as Gutthi in Comedy Nights With Kapil, likes variety when it comes to roles.

More often than not has he dressed as a woman to play various characters. Says he, "There are advantages that we enjoy while playing the part of a woman. For example, some dialogues seem graceful and dignified, without losing out on the humour element, when they are mouthed by male actors dressed up as women. At the same time, they may sound indecent and vulgar when spoken by real women." But that's not the only reason why he dresses up as a woman in the show. Apparently, he feels that it's a plan designed by standup comedian Kapil Sharma, also the co-producer of the show. "I feel that my producer is trying to save money by not roping in an actress," says he.

It takes him 20 minutes each time he transforms into a woman. For Sunil, wearing lipstick is the most irritating part about playing a woman. "I hate it when you end up licking and consuming the lipstick along with food. Also, the accessories can be quite heavy and irritating. I absolutely hate the undergarments that I wear as a woman, as the padding makes it considerably heavy," he says.