A new love story between Noor (RituVashisht) and Arshad (PawanTiwari) will unfold soon in Do DilEkJaan alongside Antara ( Nikita Sharma) and Raghu (Ayaz Ahmed).

The love story involving two muslim characters will commence as Arshad will be hired to tutor Antara's sister. Noor, who has been taken care of by Antara's father, will come to stay with the latter and her family. Noor and Arshad will fall in love but their relationship will hit the roadblock when her mother will learn about it and disapprove of their relationship.

When contacted, Pawan said, "My character of a shy, decent, progressive yet godfearing Muslim guy will fall in love with Noor at first sight. It will be an interesting development with two love stories running parallel."