Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (Triangle Films Company), on Life OK, will soon have a high point wherein Mahadev will turn all blue …well not out of anger…but he will don the Neel Kanth avatar). Viewers will also see a tug of war moment between Asuras and the Devtas.

The story will unfold when sage Durvasa will gift a floral garland to Lord Indra (Jiten Lalwani) who will gift it to his elephant. It was so planned that Lord Indra was supposed to accept it as a prasad of fortune.
Seeing Lord Indra passing on his gift to the elephant, the sage will feel humiliated and will curse Lord Indra and all devas. Goddess Lakshmi will ask Lord Indra to approach Lord Vishnu to help him.

The Asuras will attack the Devtas and conquer their kingdom after which the Devtas will lose their power and glory. They will eventually seek assistance from Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu (Saurabh Raj Jain).

Lord Vishnu will suggest that they can regain their power by obtaining nectar (amrit), which could be carried out, after making peace with the Asuras through an amicable deal.

On the other hand, Brihaspati will manage to convince the Asuras that if they joined hands with the Devtas in churning nectar and consuming it, they could also become immortal like the Devas. The Asuras will agree to the task. Now, both the Devtas and the Asuras will want to conduct Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean of milk) to obtain nectar.

In his second incarnation, Lord Vishnu will assume the form of a gigantic turtle (Kurma Avtar) by letting the mountain rest on his back and the snake as the churning rope for the stone. The churning will be carried out with all the Devtas holding on to one side of the snake while the Asuras will hold the other side.

This is from where Lord Shiva (Mohit Raina) will come forward valiantly and gather the poison in his palm and gulp it. This too will prove his compassion to mankind with this selfless act. Maa Parvati (Sonarika Bharodia) will be worried about the poison descending on his throat and in order to stop it, she will instantly place her hand on the throat of Lord Shiva.

This act will make his throat go blue and a lump is formed near it. He will later turn blue. This is how his Neel Kanth avatar will emerge.

When we contacted Jiten Lalwani about this particular track, he said, “Yes, lord Shiva will turn blue and there will be huge tug of war between Asuras and Devtas.”