After portraying the first homosexual character on Indian television, the actor calls it an end...

After Maryaada Lekin Kab Tak? got an extension from the channel, the latest we hear is that Dakssh Ajit Singh is all set to leave the show.

According to our source, " Dakssh Ajit Singh who portrayed the first gay character, Gaurav, on Indian TV is quitting the show as he feels that the character has nothing to do more with the role. It was a mutual decision between him and the production house to end the character."

We contacted Dakssh Ajit Singh who confirmed the news, " Yes I am leaving the show. It's a mutual decision between production house and me. The reason is that there was no growth in the character. I played the first gay character on TV and there was nothing more left to do. I am now open to take up another role on TV."

Dakssh will last shoot till 25th of Jan.