The actor sprained his neck badly while working out at the gym...

Jay Soni who is popularly known as Ishaan of Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool faced an unfortunate incident recently while gymming.

Jay Soni shares, "Since I had an off yesterday I planned to hit the gym and do a little workout. My usual trainer was on an off yesterday and another trainer had taken the post for the day. I don't know what happened, whether the trainer didn't know my routine or had I not done the warm up properly, I sprained my neck very badly. The pain was so bad that I could not move my neck and look left or right and finally had to call my friend to take me to the hospital.

Considering the intensity of the pain, the actor decided to take an off today and rest but will resume shooting tomorrow. "I am under a strict medication now and the doctor has asked me to take proper rest. My mom and brother are completely pissed off and also concerned because of this," adds Jay.