Rohit Khurana seems to be having a tough time managing his Star Plus show and a Punjabi movie...

Rohit Khurana, aka Bhaskar of UTV's Maayke se bandhi...Dor on Star Plus, is having a difficult time these days managing time for his profession. The actor along with his show on Star Plus is also busy doing a film in Punjabi.

A source says, "Since Rohit is the main lead of the show, it is important for him to be there in most of the scenes. But he is also doing a Punjabi movie simultaneously because of which he is travelling to and fro Mumbai to Chandigarh. Hence the actor has requested the Production House to rest a time for him."

We also hear that there are minor issues between Rohit and the Production House which still haveto be sorted out.

We tried getting in touch with the actor, but he was unavailable for comments.

Well, Rohit has indeed proved his potential as an actor. Guess time is the only challenging factor in front of professionals like him.