Rakhi Sawant's Insaaf this time will have a new flavour in terms of concept..

Rakhi Sawant's Rakhi Ka Insaaf will see a change in format and has been re christened as 'Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyan'. The show will now have a comic element on the lines of Movers and Shakers, and will have Rakhi dealing with some of the weirdest cases from all over the country.

A little birdie tells us, "The show will be light-hearted this time, and Rakhi will be seen tackling the cases differently when compared to last time. The show in all probability will be on air from July 18th and will be a daily. The slot of 10.30 pm which has been left vacant with the ending of Pardes Main Mila Koi Apna will be given to this new Rakhi show".

Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyan is being produced by UTV.

We tried to get in touch with Rakhi Sawant, but she remained unavailable.

We could not get an official confirmation from the channel.

Let's see how far Rakhi stays away from the so-called controversy in this show...