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    Surprise element coming up for audience in Sony TV's Krishnaben Khakrawala...

    For the first time in Sony TV's Krishnaben Khakrawala, Krishnaben (Indira Krishnan) will be seen in a new avatar which will pave way for a different kind of Krishnagiri. As per the current track, Krishnaben is upset with Divya's deed of being caught in a rave party. But in the coming episodes, audience will have a surprise coming their way.

    A source informs, "After Krishnaben releases Divya from the jail, Krishnaben is in a dilemma whether to take Divya inside the house or not. In the meantime, the family will celebrate Krishnaben's birthday where Bhoomi (Krishnaben's new daughter in law) will gift her a beautiful salwar kamiz."

    "Krishnaben's sons will also request her to wear that salwar kamiz which is given with so much of love and respect. And finally she will decide to wear the gift for everyone, "adds source.

    We contacted Indira Krishnan and she confirmed, "Yes, for the first time the audience will get to see Krishnaben in a new avatar as there is surprise element in store for the viewers."

    Get ready to see Krishnaben in a new avatar!

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