It is believed that too much emphasis on family drama rather romance between Ginny and Dhruv has put the show under the scanner..

Sony Entertainment Television's Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyar is under the scanner. This Endemol produced love story of two neighbors ( Ginny and Dhruv) has been repeatedly faring badly on the TRP charts( 0.3 TVR average last week). In a last ditch attempt, well known Director /Producer Misha Gautam has been brought in to save the show.

He says, "I am trying to bring back romance, which sadly was missing till now. Chajje Chajjie was supposed to be a love story brewing on a Chandni Chowk terrace, but we focused more on the family angle, which might have put off viewers. Now I am trying to bring back the love. Followers of the show will know that Dhruv (Manish Tulsiyani) has been forced to marry Ginny's sister, Dimpy (Anjali Abrol ) but still pines for Ginny (Shambhavi Sharma) . I will not emphasize on the drama part, but more on the mental anguish that a couple faces when a third person enters".

A source added that the creative's have been given time till July to shape up or ship out. We hear that if Chhajje does not improve in ratings, UTV's upcoming show based on Metti. Oli will get this slot. It is also rumored that the creative's/channel are not happy with the performance of Manish Tulsiyani who is unnecessarily trying to ape Ranveer Singh of Band Bajaa Baraat fame..

Let's wait and see if Chhajje gets lucky to live on..