Aamir Dalvi, who plays the autistic Mahendra in Zee TV's Sanskaar Laxmi has requested the production house to bail him out of the show..

Aamir Dalvi who is always selective in choosing his roles accepted to play the autistic role of Mahendra in Zee TV and Spin A Tale Entertainment's Sanskaar Laxmi. The character of this smart yet physically challenged Mahendra started with a lot of promise, but failed to grow big as the story progressed. And this we hear, has restricted the creativity of the actor in Aamir. The buzz is that Aamir has had a word with the production house on how his character has not been utilized fully, and has also expressed his desire to move out of the show.

A little birdie tells us, "Of late, there have been many creative changes incorporated in Sanskaar Laxmi, because of which the story is deviating from the original plan. And Aamir Dalvi who essays Mahendra feels that the role is not coming out as strongly as he expected. He has been waiting for 6-7 months to showcase his potential as an actor in this challenging role, but that has not happened. Recently, he had a word with the production house, after which they have amicably decided to ease out Aamir sooner or later. As for now, the focus is on introducing a new character Angad who will be the new lead on the show. And the production house feel the need of having the character of Mahendra in the show at the moment. In all probability, Aamir will leave the show after a month or so when the new track has fallen in place and things have settled".

When TellyBuzz contacted Aamir, he confirmed this piece of news and said, "Yes, I have asked the production house to let go off me. Frankly, I have put in a lot of effort to build this character, but I feel that it is not going to be utilized to the full potential. We have come to a decision that I will continue to be part of the show for a month or so, that is till the point they need me in the show. Being a professional actor, I am committed towards the show and I will report on sets till they need me".

While we look forward to the new changes in Sanskaar Laxmi, we indeed wish Aamir all the luck for his future..