Star Plus' Pratigya will see a major high point in tonight's episode..

Star Plus' Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya will finally see Ammaji (Asmita Sharma) getting exposed in front of her son Krishna (Arhaan Behll) in tonight's Special episode.

We already know that Pratigya (Pooja Gor) has a big plan in store which is going to be her final trump card to reveal Ammaji's true colors. Going by it, she follows her plan and in some way or the other asks both Ammaji and Krishna to come to the same place.

Our source states, "Ammaji and Pratigya are having a verbal battle in which Pratigya pretends to give in to Ammaji, and signs the divorce papers. This makes Ammaji very happy and she breathes a sigh of relief, that after an ordeal she has got rid of Pratigya from her son's life. Pratigya provokes Ammaji further, and the elder lady spills the beans on how she got this success. Krishna who is present there hears all this, and is taken aback".

How will Krishna react when he comes face to face with this truth? What will Ammaji's next move be?

Catch the exciting twists in Pratigya..