Ramesh ditches Nita and runs away in Star Plus' Maayke Se Bandhi...Dor...

Star Plus' Maayke se bandhi...Dor is doing well these days as they have increased in ratings. After keeping the audience hooked to show, some more extravagant drama has been plotted to catch more eye balls.

A little birdie from the sets informs, "As per the current track, Nita (Urvara) gets the permission from her mother to go the beauty parlour on the condition that Anju will also go along with her. This will upset her as Ramesh (Zubin Dutt) and Nita had planned to run away from the spot for which Ramesh had asked Nita to bring all her jewelry and money for their marriage."

But the latest we hear is that Ramesh will cheat Nita. "Nita sends Anju back home as she gives the excuse that she will be late from the Parlor. On the other hand Ramesh will take away Nita's jewelry and ditchher."

We also hear that Ramesh will be away from the whole drama and will be back after a while.

We contacted Zubin Dutt and he confirmed, "I don't know whether my role comes to an end. But I will run away taking all the jewelry soon."

Urvara Patil aka Nita also confirmed the buzz.

Wait and watch the high drama on Dorů