Dolly Bindra was dissatisfied after she received an uncanny welcome at an event recently...
Dolly Bindra has been a newsmaker since the days of Bigg Boss 4 and today she is in news once again, but for a justifiable reason.

A source says, "Dolly Bindra had been to BIG Television awards recently and as a comic stint, Raju Shrivastav welcomed her saying 'Ramdev Baba ki Behan aayi hain'. A very upset Dolly Bindra yelled at him while spectators surrounding them looking clueless. She was heard telling him to think well before speaking. The crowd was taken aback for a second. If this was not enough, Kapil Sharma introduced Dolly in a weird manner when she went on stage to present an award."

We tried contacting Dolly Bindra, but she was unavailable for any comments.

Well, isn't it a fact that a lady cannot take insult publically however controversial she is?.