The focus is now on a sports competition between the two neighboring villages in the SAB show..
SAB TV's sitcom LapataGanj always brings tracks that give out a social message. One such track that will be shown to the audience in the coming days will bring up the issue of certain Indian sports which have taken a back seat for the past few years.

A source informs us, "As the school vacations are going on, Lapataganj arranges a sports competition between its rival village Gumshuda ganj, where they will have to win the game to take away the cash prize. Indian sports like Kho Kho, Kabbadi, Hide n Seek, khusti will be featured in this competition, at the end of which a tug of war will decide the winner".

"With this Lapataganj will bring Indian sports which have faded away to the front. There would also be a dance competition between two villages", adds source.

We contacted Priti Amin who said, "There is a dance competition and lot many interesting things happening".

Way to go, LapataGanj..