Telly Buzz in conversation with Sukirti Kandpal who is going to represent India at the International beauty pageant contest...

Sukirti Kandpal is in cloud nine these days as she is going international to represent India at the Miss India International contest which is going to be held in Dubai.

Sukirti is gearing up for the tough competition where she will be facing contestants from all round the world.

Telly Buzz caught up with the actor and had a chat where she shared her excitement with us.

First of all, congratulations for being the lucky one to get picked up to represent India.
Thank you so much.

Could you share with us what title is it and how were you approached for this?
The title is for Miss India World Wide, and the contest happens every year and for the past three years it has been happening in South Africa and this year it is in Dubai. So they wanted a girl who could represent India and I think it is a girl's dream to compete for a beauty pageant and when the opportunity came up, I didn't want to miss it. I have never been to Dubai and hence it is an added advantage for me. For the past three years I have been so caught up with work that I did not get time to be myself. Either it is Riddhima or Piya always. And since I am open to all the adventures of life, I thought I should take it up.

How are you getting yourself prepared to represent the country?
It is really tough for me as I have to adjust the preparations with the shoot and it is really hectic for me. There is a talent round for which I am rehearsing a dance and also I am preparing for a Q and A round.

What do you think your strength is on the basis of this pageant?
I feel that I am confident in whatever I am doing and that is really an important aspect while taking part in such a competition. I also believe that I am a confident orator and have a sense of styling because of which I am confident about the clothes I wear. I know it is going to be a tough competition for me but at the same time I am glad that I am not taking it lightly and I am really working hard for it.

This is the first time you are taking part in a pageant that too on an international level; how do you feel?
Actually I do not have much time to think or even feel about it (laughs), but at the same time I am enjoying and excited about this because I have never been to a pageant. For a long time I have just been the characters and today I am getting a chance to be the real Sukirti Kandpal. I want to do certain things in life before time runs out from my hands.

What according to you should be present for a Beauty Pageant contestant?
The basic aspect that a contestant needs is the confidence and being genuine.

What are the different rounds that you will undergo in the competition?
There is a round wherein I have to wear the Indian ethnic wear and I will be wearing a Saree designed by Shyamli Arora. For the talent round I will be wearing a Ghaghra and Choli and for the final rounds I will be wearing gowns designed by Archana Kochhar. As of now these are the only rounds that I am aware of and I do not know about the other rounds.

What was your first reaction when you heard that you have been selected to represent the Country for a beauty pageant?
I was really happy and was little skeptical too. But then, I am not thinking much about whether I will win or lose as I am just concentrating on the work that I am supposed to do.

Who is your role model when it comes to beauty pageant?
I feel both Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta are great because they both are international figures and I like the way they carry themselves as strong women.

As a small rehearsal, Telly Buzz has some Beauty Pageant questions for Sukirti and here we go.

Your style icon and why?
Frankly speaking, I do not have a style icon because I do not believe in copying others. Instead, I believe in creating my own style.

What quality do you like the most about yourself and why?
I can work really hard for things that I really like.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is something that defines you as a person and we should not take fashion in the real fashion way and should wear what you are comfortable in.

What is your definition of success?
Success is not just about how you portray out because success has to be mental success also. There are people who are really successful but still not happy mentally.

What bothers you most about what is happening in your country today?
The condition of women in our country still bothers me because they are still looked down upon. The day when the behavior towards women change in the country, we will have a better nation than this.