Abhinav to show his real face in the coming episodes of Imagine's Looteri Dulhan...

Imagine's Looteri Dulhan produced by BAG Films will see a major twist in the coming episodes when it will be revealed that Abhinav (Mrunal Jain) is not a rich man.

The family of Billo (Krishna Gokani) force Billo to marry Abhinav as they want to dupe him by amassing his wealth. However, the whole family will be in for a shock when they get to know that Abhinav has planned his move carefully as he wants money for himself.

A little birdie tells us, "Abhinav is already married. His wife Suman (Shalini Chandran) suffers from blood cancer and he wants money at the earliest to treat her. The man who is very much in love with his wife very well knows that Billo is a Looteri Dulhan. He in fact presents a made-up story to the family of he being a Yuvraj. His intention is to marry Billo and get a share of money as he is Billo's husband, from every loot the family makes hereafter. Billo will be shocked when she gets to know of this fact".

How will Billo's life change now?

That's to be watched..