A huge wedding drama; Anirudh to marry Lipika in Sony TV's Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar...

Sony TV's Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar is going to experience a few twists and turns in its coming episodes. The promos are already on air which convey that there will be a major drama on the wedding day of Daksh (Anirudh Singh) and Dimpy's (Neha Janpandit) .

A little birdie informs Tellybuzz, "A huge drama is in store in the show for the audience as on the wedding day, there's going to be a twist which will leave Dimpy all alone in the Mandap."

Elaborating on the sequence our source says, "As Daksh always believes in making quick money and aspires to be a rich man one day, he decides to marry his boss, Lipika (Khushboo Garewal). Therefore on the wedding day Daksh doesn't turn up to the venue leaving Dimpy alone to face the society."

"That was not all for the family as the next day Daksh returns home along with Lipika, announcing her as his wife. That leaves the entire family in a shock."

"Right now Sangeet ceremony of Dimpy is going on and everyone is quite happy for the wedding to happen," signs off source.

We contacted Neha Janpandit but she refused to comment on the same.

Aniruddh Singh comments, "I don't think, all this will happen, because right now we are shooting the sangeet ceremony on the sets."

Curtains will raise from the wedding drama on 9th of May…