Manav-Shweta, Nandish-Rashmi to compete each other in Colors' Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega
It is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman, and well the adage shall see its literal demonstration on Friday's episode of Colors TV's Guinness World Records Ab India Todega.

It was the first time in history of the show, that two known Television couples Nandish Sandhu Rashmi Desai (fame Uttaran) and Manav Gohil Shweta Kawatra, both hailing from the same town battled each other out to win and set a world record for 'Fastest Wife Carrying Backwards for 20mtrs'.

The two couples were running neck to neck and the studio audience was glued to their seats as they enjoyed each minute of this exciting contest. But as the couples closed onto the finishing line, Nandish slipped and fell on the ground along with his wife Rashmi, which gave an easy chance for Manav to overtake and win.

Rob declared that he needed to have a look at a slow motion replay, and declared Manav and Shweta to be the winner.

A very excited Shweta says, "I was like Oh God, all of Manav's efforts shouldn't go in vain".

And Manav too expressed his happiness as he says, "I am happy we won at the end of the day".

Manav and Shweta are now the world leaders in this task as they set a record of 7.2. seconds.