Zee TV and Rajshri Productions' Yahan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli will see twists and turn in its upcoming Maha Episode on Sunday, 30th April...
Maha episodes of every show promise to bring in a new diversion to the story, and the coming maha episode of Zee TV and Rajshri Productions' Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli has no difference at all.

The viewers can see several twists and turns in the maha episode of Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli which will be aired on Sunday at 8:30 PM.

As of now, Shelley (Karuna Pandey), Abha's (Suhasi Dhami) sister-in-law, is aware of the fact that Karan (Karan V Grover) is still alive and she does not want Abha to meet him at any cost.

A source says, "In the coming episodes, Ranchod will develop a soft corner for Abha who is pregnant with Karan's child and Karan's family will want her to settle with Ranchod so that the child is not born fatherless. And Abha will agree to marry Ranchod but she will make it very clear that the marriage will just be an eyewash for the society because her heart will always pine for Karan."

"At the same time Karan is also fighting all odds to recover wherein Dr Arundhati (Megha Gupta) too is trying hard in this. As a part of the treatment, destiny will lead them to Ujjain for an Ayurvedic treatment. The audience will get to see a lot of hits and misses between Abha and Karan."

The story doesn't seem to end here and the source continues, "While all this is happening Shelley, who is against Abha & Ranchod's marriage, asks Dushyant (Varun Khandelwal) to kidnap Ranchod. Destiny brings Arundhati to meet the ayurvedic doctor in the place where Ranchod and Abha are planning to get married with a simple ceremony. The twist in the story takes place when Dushyant's goons kidnap Karan instead of Ranchod which will lead to another drama further."

Will Karan and Abha be together again? What will happen in their relationship ahead?

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