Sony TV's Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyar will see Dhruv declaring his love for Ginny...

After all the fights and masti, it is time for some love in Sony TV's Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyar.

The promos have already hit the screens where Dhruv (Manish Tulsiyani) realises that Ginny (Shambhavi Sharma) is 'the one' for him.

Our source informs, "Considering all the signs that he gets from God, Dhruv declares his love to Ginny. On the contrary Ginny gets angry and slaps Dhruv thinking that he has taken their friendship for granted. A heartbroken Dhruv then consoles himself and is forced to believe that all the signs were just his imagination and not of love".

"But later on Ginny will also get these signs of love; this is when she realizes that she too is in love", signs off the source.

We contacted Manish Tulsyani aka Dhruv, and he says, "Yes, I will declare my love, but Ginny gets upset after this."

Will Ginny realise her love for Dhruv or will it be too late for her to realise it?

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