Soon after the entry of Digu's character, the COLORS' show will see the introduction of Aai, who is the mother to the whole village...

Nakusha (Mahhi Vij) will soon find a family away from her own family in COLORS' Laagi Tujhse Lagan as the track shifts to another village with new set of actors. As we know, Aadesh Chaudhary who was last seen in COLORS' Bhagyavidhaata has entered the show as Digu aka Digambar.

There will be a new entry in tonight's episode in veteran actress Harsha Gogte.

According to sources, "Harsha's character will be fondly called 'Aai' who is caring in a sweet yet interfering manner. She is always available to help the needy without even asked to do so. Aai happens to be the mother to the whole of the village, and is the foster mother of Digu. She will take care of Nakusha who has forgotten everything except for Dutta (Mishal Raheja). Nakku will continue to live in the village as she will feel the need of waiting for Dutta in the same place".

The presence of the three kids, Aai and Digu will provide for a new flavour in the show..

Let's wait to see how the story progresses after the sudden disappearance of Dutta's character..