The residents of Papad Pol will lose the cricket match, but will eventually regain the custody of the place in the popular SAB TV show...

The cricketing fever has now reached its peak, and same is the case in SAB TV's Papad Pol - Shahbuddin Rathod ki Rangeen Duniya..

As per the present story track, Vinaychand (Swapnil Joshi) and the entire Pol family are battling it out with Dev (Amit Verma) and his father in a game of Cricket. Their existence in the Pol will be at stake if they lose the match.

At this juncture, the entire family gets a shocker when they lose the match due to a cheating act planned by Dev's Father.

Our source states, "It's a mood of dejection in the Papad Pol camp after they lose the match. However, Dev who always believes in playing the game fair is upset when he gets to know that his father had cheated them in the game. With guilt taking over, Dev confronts the Papad Pol family and decides to give them back their place".

With this, the track of Amit Verma and Pankaj Dheer comes to an end.

When contacted, Amit Verma confirmed the news, "Yes, my track is ending in the show. Dev actually realizes that his dad is cheating, and he decides to help them out".

Way to go, Vinaychand and Company the Papad Pol is yours…