Bharti proves herself innocent with the help of Amit in Imagine TV's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo...

All efforts of Bharti (Juhi Aslam) to prove that Prakash (Shobit Aatrey) is guilty will get fruitful in Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo.

As per the ongoing track, Bharti and Amit (Jaan) have been trying their best to nab Prakash's fake parents and get the truth out of Prakash's mouth.

In the coming episodes, Amit gets closer to getting the truth out of Prakash, and records everything. They come with all proof to Rupesh who immediately goes to Murli's (Vikrant Massey) house to prove his daughter's innocence.

Our source states, "Murli and his entire family will go into a guilt trip when they get to hear the truth. They will not be able to face Bharti and her parents. Also, Sudha's (Priya Bhatija) closeness with Murli has upset Bharti all the more. Having said this, Bharti will be relieved after revealing the truth to Murli's family".

If sources are to be believed, Bharti will motivate Sudha to open up her feelings before Murli.

When contacted, Juhi Aslam says, "Yes, soon Prakash's truth will get disclosed in the show, but I can't say anything more on the track".

Will Murli's family will accept Bharti yet again? Or will this pave a way for Murli to get close with Sudha?