Terrence Lewis broke the record of choreographing the largest crowd in Colors' Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega...

India has already started breaking records that were set by people across world thro' COLORS' Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega. Here again we have our own, Master of contemporary dance Terrence Lewis, who broke a record that was set in Australia.

Terrence recently set a record by choreographing 1336 people at one go in an hour. He broke a record that was set in Australia where 1235 people were choreographed within an hour.

Being on cloud nine a very excited Terrence says "I am really happy that I made India proud and have brought the honor back to India. The moment was really an emotional one as well because I set the record in my own school ground where I started dancing".

Speaking about the experience and how he set the record, he says "I had a great experience choreographing people, but the main challenge was to alert them about the event and to get them participate in it. We had only two days for the preparation and I could only get hold of some people. When I asked school children, they said they really wanted to participate but had exams the next day, and there were also other problems to face as the event was a day prior to Holi and they had to perform in the afternoon heat".

"But finally people turned up for the event on a large scale and I am thankful to all those who came there to make the event a grand success. I felt that only we have the courage to stand under the hot sun for an hour and create a record for our country".

But what really encouraged Terrence to take this step?

He answers "I am a representative of International Council of Dance and they had asked me to generate the interest in people in dance by conducting activities here. I felt this could be the best way to do it and hence I approached the team of the show. But then Rob, from Guinness team UK, said that the task had to be done in two days as they were leaving. And hence all was done in a great hurry, but all our efforts really paid off."

Terrence choreographed a Bollywood number on the song Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom and intends to break his own record by choreographing more people on his contemporary style, which he assures will be soon.

He expresses his gratitude to various platforms the he got "I am really thankful to Dance India Dance for giving me the recognition and platform to stage myself and also the crew of Colors TV and their show Chak Dhoom Dhoom 2 - Team Challenge."

Telly Buzz congratulates Terrence for his grand achievement and also looks forward for his next record breaking choreography!!!