The happiness of Taposh and Mauli is short lived in Star Plus' Tere Liye, as Robbie comes up with a master plan...

There is going to be some huge drama in Star Plus' Tere Liye as the show reaches its climax. With every relationship going sour, tension is creeping in the life of Anurag (Harshad Chopra) and Taani (Anupriya Kapoor).

If that's not enough, Robbie (Rajat Tokas) is now hell bent in destroying the life of Taposh (Shakkti Arora). With Taposh realizing his mistakes and accepting to stand up to the responsibilities of being a good husband, happiness is back again in the life of Mauli (Neha Saxena). However, this is going to be short lived as Robbie plans to burn Taposh's gas agency.

As per our source, "Robindo is very insecure to see Mauli and Taposh happy. He wants to somehow ruin their happiness. He schemes to blow up the Agency where the gas cylinders have been piled up. The huge blast shatters Taposh and he incurs huge losses and is left with the pressure of repaying the loan that he had taken to start the agency".

Let's see what is in store for Mauli and Taposh in the near future..