A heartbroken Vaibhav falls into the trap set by his father, and decides to marry Devki in COLORS' Mukti Bandhan..

As viewers await the big confrontation of Vaibhav (Siddharth Arora) and I.M. Virani (Shiv Subramianiam) in tonight's episode of COLORS' Mukti Bandhan, there are some surprises in store!!

As per the present track, Vaibhav is upset about Sabina (Nazneen Patel) asking him to move on in life. He gets to know that Sabina had come to his father's office, and he senses something fishy there.. He is a determined man and is adamant on marrying Sabina..

So what's coming next?

Well, our source states, "Virani has planned a great move and he plays his game very well. Vaibhav is made to believe by his father that he has no hand in Sabina's sudden change in decision. Tonight's episode will see a very sensational scene between Sabina and Vaibhav at the actress' house. At the end of it, Vaibhav is heartbroken as Sabina categorically tells him that she was never in love with him. A disappointed Vaibhav comes home, and Virani is all set with his next move. He pretends to be upset and tells Vaibhav that he is ready to go to Sabina and request her to get married to his son. Vaibhav stops his father from taking such a step, and tells him that he will move on and get married to Devki (Esha Kansara) as Sabina was never in love with him".

With this, focus will shift to the rituals to be held before Vaibhav and Devki's wedding..

Let's see what's in store for viewers after this..