Aniruddh Singh who essays the career oriented Daksh Tripthi in Sony's Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar talks about the character's similarity with his real life persona..

All are aware of the career oriented and smart Daksh Tripathi of Sony TV's Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar. The character portrayed by Anirudh Singh has been well appreciated. But is the real Anirudh similar to Daksh?

Aniruddh says "Daksh and Anirudh are similar in one way as they both are career oriented and do love their family. But at the same time, Aniruddh never forgets that family comes first".

Talking about the grey shade that his character possesses Anirudh says "Actually the character cannot be completely termed as grey shaded, because Daksh is a person who is very career oriented and will do anything to get to the top. He is of the attitude that his family will be happy at the end of the day, as he earns money for them".

But what happens ultimately will be unexpected. The actor adds, "As of now, he is now in his first job and is always trying to prove himself. But in future, he will take up an offer that will bring about a split in the families".

After Khwahish, Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar is Aniruddh's second show with Sony TV and he is completely excited about it. Theatre and ads kep him busy till now, and today he feels fortunate to be working with experienced cast like Virender Saxena and Kiran Kumar.

Catch the excitements that happen on the terrace through the show Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar on Sony TV.