Abbas Khan aka Biji Pandey of SAB TV's Lapataganj has a plan to start his own catering business, and the aim is to serve hygienic food to fellow actors on the sets..

Abbas Khan who is popularly known as Biji Pandey of SAB TV's Lapataganj has a mission in hand, and that is to cater to the needs of his fellow actors in the industry by providing them with a good balanced diet!! And this comes at the wake of Abbas contemplating to start a Catering Business along with his mom, who happens to be a Chief Chef of ITC Hotel.

A truly novel idea, must say coming from an actor who has seen it all!!

Abbas talks about the thought behind his idea, "Being in the entertainment industry and having gone thro' the rigorous schedules myself, I have realized how important it is for an actor to avoid the 'Set ka Khana' which is in no ways hygenic. Thus came this thought of opening a Catering Service wherein the industry people get served hygeinic tasty food which will keep their mind and body in a healthy stead".

Talking further, Abbas states, "Every production house tries their best to provide the best of food possible to its cast and unit members. However, the scenario is not appealing, and at times they fail to do so".

"This is my small attempt to reach out to the sets and provide them with good quality of food. I am not claiming that I will feed them food on a 'Golden' plate, but I will make sure that I provide hygienic, that too home-made food with the help of my mother", he avers.

A genuine and noble cause for sure, Abbas!! Way to go...