Anand Goradia to play a stingy government official in Star Plus' Maayke se bandhi...Dor

After portraying the powerful and dominating character of Gajendra in Colors' Na Aana Is Desh Laddo, Anand Goradia will be seen in a completely different avtar in Star Plus' Maayke se bandhi...Dor. In the show Anand will be playing the role of a typical Maharashtrian Government official.

When contacted, Anand told Tellybuzz "Yes, I will be seen in a fresh and new character called as Prabhu, who is very stingy and a grey shaded, works in a Government office for a small salary. He plays the brother in law of the protagonist Rohit Khurana."

Speaking more on the character Anand says "Prabhu is stingy, so much that he purposely sends his wife to her home every morning after a fight to save the food grains at his house. He practices this so that she has her meal of the day form her house. But in the evening, he goes back to make up with her to bring her back home. He goes to those heights that he locks his phone and proceeds for the office so that nobody makes a call from his phone."

Even though Gajendra and Prabhu have grey shade in their character, Anand differentiates both and says "Both the characters have grey shaded, but both are completely different from each other. Gajendra is from a sophisticated family whereas Prabhu belongs to a middle class family. I am enjoying playing both because, for Gajendra I had to learn Haryanvi lingo and for Prabhu I am learning Marathi."

Anad Goradia will enter Star Plus' Maayke se bandhi...Dor next week.