Gaurav Chopra is back in Colors' Uttaran tonight with a Valentine’s Day sequence.

Gaurav Chopra returns to COLORS and Filmfarm India's Uttaran tonight, wherein the character he essays, Raghuvenra Rathore will be part of the Valentine's Day episode which was shot yesterday.

Our source states, "Tapasya (Rashmi Desai) and Rathore accidentally bump into each other while she is waiting for somebody else. She would question him as to why they keep crossing each others part, to which he nonchalantly blames it on destiny. Rathore will also wish Tapasya a very Happy Valentine's Day, which will not be liked by her. The scene has lots of romantic touch with typical nokh jokh".

Gaurav confirmed his comeback to Uttaran, but refused to speculate much as to what would happen in the coming episodes, "All I can reveal is that the unexplained mystery and aura regarding the origins of my character will now be integrated into the main narrative", says he.

If sources are to be believed, Rathore will turn out to be the person who is giving mysterious calls to Tapasya. He might also be the father of Tapasya's unborn kid...

When asked about his disappearance from the show, Gaurav explains, "It was a creative decision taken by the Producer duo (Pintoo Guha and Rupali) and I fully support their call. Any character should have enough to do as per the current track rather than just be around".

This bearded dude is quite happy to note that the public has been eagerly waiting for the return of Rathore, "The response has been quite unbelievable. At first we had planned this cameo for only five to ten episodes, which is now being extended due to audience acceptance. The character was set up very well. He attributes the success of his character to the public perception that finally somebody has come who can meet the brat Tapasya at her level and also tells her a thing or two. The love-hate chemistry of arrogance between us is helping our cause as well".

We also hear that in addition to Rathore's comeback, the Valentine's episode which will be aired tonight will see two sensational dream sequences, one with Veer (Nandish Sandhu) and Ichcha (Tina Dutta), while the other will be between Veer and Tapasya..

Get a glimpse of the Valentine's episode in Uttaran tonight...