Zee TV's Sanjog Se Bani Sangini will see the entry of a mysterious looking Chachi, which will add a new flavour to the show..

Love is certainly in the air for Rudr (Iqbal Khan) and Gauri (Binny Sharma) in Zee TV's Sanjog Se Bani Sangini.. However, the entry of Ram (Vikas Bhalla) has complicated things for them!!

As per the present story line, Ram has already fallen for Gauri and dreams about the day when she would be his wife.. In the coming episodes, a new character, that of a Chachi will be introduced which will further create trouble for the couple.

This track will be similar to the Chachi 420 track wherein an existing character from the show will don a mask of an old lady.. The character aims to ruin Rudr and Gauri's married life. This will provide for an intrigue element, wherein the real identity of the Chachi will be kept as a surprise.

Our source states, "The Chachi will be seen entering the mohalla in which Rudr and Gauri reside. She will have a very ugly look, and will seem to be a well-wisher of the couple. However, she will be the one who will further ignite Ram's feelings for Gauri".

If sources are to be believed, the creative team is still on the verge of developing the story line with regards to the Chachi track.

"The Chachi can either be Rajrani (Aroona Irani), Ram (Vikas Bhalla), Pihu (Additi Gupta) or Abhay (Raunaq Ahuja). However, things remain unclear as of now", adds our source.

We tried calling Binny Sharma to know more about this Chachi track, but she remained unavailable.

Get ready for a new mystery element in Sanjog Se Bani Sangini…