In addition to Dolly Bindra, Imagine's Armanon Ka Balidaan will see the entry of Dishank Arora and Supriya Kumari..

The entry of Dolly Bindra as we know, will provide for some unexpected jolt in the love story of Sumedha (Pariva Pranati) and Akash (Arya Kumar) in Imagine's Armanon ka Balidaan-Aarakshan. The latest is that Supriya Kumari of Bairi Piya fame and Dishank Arora will also be adding spice to the show with their entry..

Our source states, "The love story of Sumedha and Akash will wither off, when the girl's father decides to teach her a bitter lesson. He plans to get her married to a simple and dumb guy; he also plans to trap DM Akash so that he loses his job. Dolly Bindra plays the role of Kabootari Maa whose unique character and traits will create a huge impact on viewers. Sumedha will ultimately get married to her son, Radhe and with this, her life will turn topsy-turvy".

We hear that Supriya Kumari will play Kabootari Maa's daughter while Dishank Arora is her son.

"Supriya will be seen in a very different avatar; she is a cute, innocent girl who has no dress sense and does not know the right way to talk to people. She is sweet to people who are nice to her, but at the same time can get into an abusive mode when she dislikes someone. She might go on to be the new girl in the life of Shivam (Rahuol Lohani). Dishank Arora on the other hand is the dumb Radhe who will get to marry Sumedha", adds our source.

We tried contacting Supriya Kumari, but she remained unavailable. Dishank though asked us to call later.

While Dolly Bindra has started shooting for the show, Supriya and Dishank we believe, are expected to start shoot soon..

Catch the new twists with the entry of a new family in Imagine's Armanon Ka Balidaan at the 7.30 PM slot..