Raja Chaudhari portrays his patriotism in Beunos Aires ,Argentina..

Lots have been spoken, shown and read about the uncivilized manner in which Raja Chaudhari behaves in Public!! It's also a known fact that Raja has got in the news most of the times for his unruly behaviour with his ex-wife and girl friends!!

He also had a blood rush with few of the contestants while shooting for Imagine's new show, Zor Ka Jhatka in Argentina... However, during this trip in Beunos Aires, a very different side of Raja came to the fore!!

It happened when the entire crew landed in Hotel Sheraton, in Beunos Aires to kick-start the shoot of the adventurous game..

Our source states, "When all were entering the hotel, Raja noticed the flags of various countries hoisted in the lobby area of the hotel. He was shocked to see that the Indian flag was not there. Raja was furious when he noticed that only the European countries flags stood tall, and brought this topic before the hotel authorities".

We hear that Raja in fact got into a serious argument with them, and asked them as to why they do not have the Indian flag put up..

"After one hour of talk, Raja saw to it that he got the Indian flag hoisted in the lobby area of the hotel", adds our source.

The eye witness reveals that it was only Raja who noticed this very fact that the Indian flag was not present, and it was a pleasant sight to see him fight to put the Indian flag on display..

Well, we too are happy to know that the 'Desh Bhakt' in Raja still exists..