Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra share a lighter moment at Yashraj Studios...

Shah Rukh Khan, as we all know has been on a roll with his non-stop banter in Imagine's Zor Ka Jhatka.. During one such shoot that was happening in Yashraj Studios, SRK had a surprise visitor in Priyanka Chopra!!

Priyanka who was shooting in Yashraj took this as an opportunity to meet up with SRK and have a jolly good time. The Badshah and Piggy Chops, as we know are the best of friends, and they did not miss a second to chat up with each other..

An eye witness tells us, "SRK opted to have a 15 minutes break the moment he saw Priyanka in the studio. They in fact had a gala time hogging over a plate of Chicken Tikka. They were seen talking pleasantly, giggling and having a light moment".

It was indeed a pleasant sight to see SRK and Priyanka bonding over so nicely..