Mona and Anukalp's attempt to help Sweety puts them in a tight spot in Zee TV's Ram Milaayi Jodi...

Zee TV and Rajita Sharma's Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi will see Mona (Sara Khan) and Anukalp (Nishant Malkani) getting into a tight spot once again!!

As per the present story line, Sweety has got into a depression phase as she has been sent home by her in-laws. Though Parmeet (Vishal Nayak) and Sweety love each other a lot, they are helpless as the decision has been taken by Parmeet's family.

Our source states, "Sweety will get so disappointed in life that she tries to commit suicide. Mona and Anukalp who save her decide to get her out of this situation. They plan to take her out for a small hang-out and spend some precious time with her. During the outing, Anukalp even buys some beautiful bangles for Mona, but does not get an opportunity to gift it to her".

Anukalp and Mona's day out creates yet another chaos at home, as they are out on the day of Bharti's birthday. "The entire family blames Mona and Anukalp for forgetting Bharti's birthday, and consider that they do not care for her. When the duo get back home, they are questioned by one and all. Bharti starts to interrogate Mona when Anukalp butts in and says that they very well knew about the birthday, and they had just gone out to get her a gift. He then hands over the bangles bought for Mona to Bharti", adds our source.

However, their real intention of going out gets revealed and this leads to a heated argument..

Catch the new twists in the Punjabi household in Ram Milaayi Jodi...