The enthusiastic Veebha Anand aka Sanskaar Laxmi recently shot for a scene where she had to jump down a tree, and in the process hurt herself..

Veebha Anand who portrays the confident and bubbly village belle Sanskaar Laxmi in the new Zee TV show, has her task cut out as she has to bring to life a character which has the non-sophisticated and grounded touch to it!!

And being a girl from the rural backdrop, Veebha has to keep up to her high spirit by doing certain scenes, the typical village girl way!!

We hear that Veebha had to recently shoot a certain scene wherein she had to climb a tree along with her friends, have a jolly time out there and then jump down from the tree at one go..

Our source from the set tells us, "There was a sequence where Laxmi climbs up a tree and is seated on one of its branches. She gossips about her would-be-in laws with her friends, and after all the talk she had to jump down the tree".

And to bring in the right feel, Veebha actually chose to climb down the tree without a ladder, and literally jumped down..

"Veebha chose to climb down the tree without a ladder, and ended up landing on her hand which lead to some scratches on her elbows and hands. But the enthusiasm with which the girl managed to do the shot for something commendable".

We contacted Veebha who told us in excitement, "Yes, I had a great fall from the tree as our shot demanded it (smiles). But the experience was great and I hope get many such scenes to do".