Shah Rukh Khan will be seen taking a dig at Salman Khan in the inaugural episode of Zor Ka Jhatka..

Shah Rukh Khan we know is all geared up for his comeback on television with Imagine's new reality show, Zor Ka Jhatka launching on February 1st at the 9 PM slot..

We hear that the inaugural episode of the show will have SRK taking a dig at Salman Khan, who hosted the recent season of Bigg Boss on COLORS..

An insider tells us, "Going by the concept of the huge balls used as hurdles in the adventure sport, Shah Rukh in the first episode was heard repeating the dialogue 'Welcome to Big Balls', imitating the style in which Salman used to say, 'Welcome to Bigg Boss'".

What's more? SRK expresses that he is excited to have his 'Kabreena' beside him, just as Salman has Katrina with him!!

Oh well, do you want to know who is SRK's Kabreena? Well, she is the vivacious and talented ground host of Zor Ka Jhatka, Saumya Tandon..

Our khabroo goes on to say, "Shah Rukh would use the line 'Kisike paas Kareena hai, kisike paas Katrina hai, par mere paas Kabreena hai, indicating to his smart ground host"..

Well, we are so looking forward to being entertained by SRK and of course, his Kabreena too!!